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Crossways - Ryan Birch

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I have an admission to make; I hate travelling on buses! It is something that I share with the vast majority of the population. So how come almost all of my modelling effort is channelled into modelling something that I hate?

There is one side of the MBF that I believe is unique to the organisation, this being the strong community of modellers who own and run their own fictional model fleets within their own fantasy worlds. It is this world of fantasy that I enjoy - there are no barriers to creativity, since there are no ‘rules’ to follow.

My own fictional fleet is called Crossways. It has been running since 2012, and is based within the county of Gloucestershire, operating a wide range of services using a mixed fleet of vehicles. The photos within this gallery are of fleet members past and present. If you are interested in finding out more about Crossways, please feel free to visit the Crossways website

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